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Webcams are all the rage. It is unusual to see a laptop that doesn't already include one. When video chat sessions were in their infancy, it was unusual to find someone who had one and their price was extortionate. Undoubtedly, you can now find one for a moderate price, and they guarantee lots of fun.

Cameroid is a web application which allows you to take photos using your webcam. But it isn't an application simply for taking photos, but it also comes with a range of modes involving added effects giving photos an extra artistic or humorous touch.

You have a huge choice of effects, which include: Color changes, distortions, filters, etc., although the most outstanding options are the backgrounds and frames.

As far as frames go, you can place the snapshot in any one of a wide range of frames; as for backgrounds, you can place you face on the body of midget, the Mona Lisa, a warrior ...

If you'd like to make a funny picture and you have your webcam to hand, Cameroid is totally free and also offers online photo storage so that you can upload photos on forums or social networks. Of course, you can also save the photos on your hard drive as JPG files.
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